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There are many types of matters that are categorized under real estate law. The term “real estate law” encompasses both large and small situations. The simple purchase and sale transaction of a single family residence rarely goes awry. However, even the simplest situation or transaction can result in a dispute. Just a few examples of matters in which Mr. King has helped his clients include:

  • A neighbor cutting down a tree can result in damages to one party, and a lawsuit by that neighbor.
  • A property damaged as a result of the improper maintenance by a neighboring property or municipality’s action, or some action which diminishes the value of property.
  • A defective condition at a condominium or development project which was not properly addressed by the Association.
  • The breach of a contract to follow through with the sale of a piece of property, resulting in monetary damages to the aggrieved buyer or a claim by the recalcitrant seller.
  • Over-watering at a neighbor’s parcel, or a change in water flow or drainage, leading to earth movement, or even a landslide situation.
  • The bursting of a water-pipe, resulting in the loss of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars based on damage to a home or the land supporting a property.
  • A developer’s improper construction or failure to repair a new home.
  • A boundary dispute arising because one’s neighbor has somehow encroached on another’s land.
  • A neighbor’s child or pet somehow damaged or defaced a client’s property.

Mr. King has litigated and negotiated hundreds of real estate related matters, representing homeowners, general contractors, subcontractors, homeowners associations, landlords, tenants, and other property owners in all facets and stages of building, from pre-development to construction and post construction. He has successfully concluded matters involving easements and easement rights, boundary disputes, and inverse condemnation claims. Mr. King was lead counsel, successfully recovering for nearly 200 clients in a highly contested litigated matter against Donald J. Trump and The Trump Organization under the Federal Interstate Land Sales, and related laws.

Real estate law involves a broad range of topics. Some of the litigation services we offer include:

  • Title disputes
  • Real estate fraud and nondisclosures
  • Lender disputes
  • Zoning disputes
  • Broker liability
  • Breach of Contract
  • Seller misrepresentation
  • Trespassing, boundary, and nuisance disputes
  • Eminent domain
  • Construction litigation

No matter what the dispute or the transaction, Mr. King works to ensure you get the best resolution, always taking into account the reasonable cost under the circumstances. He makes a point to keep our clients fully informed throughout every stage of the process, and makes himself available to answer any questions you may have as they arise.

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