Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, John Dale Kerr came to California and the University of Southern California in 1973. An extraordinarily experienced trial attorney and litigator in a wide range of both civil and criminal matters, in over three decades of practice, Mr. Kerr has handled well over 200 trials and over 2,500 arbitrations along with over 2,500 mediations and several thousands of depositions.

Mr. Kerr’s success with juries stems from his ability to talk on the level of, and relate to the mentality of the average juror.

Recent examples of Mr. Kerr’s courtroom successes in the Criminal Courts alone include several acquittals and dismissals of high-level drug and violent crime prosecutions.

Mr. Kerr’s experience has also spilled over into the Family Courts, where Mr. Kerr prefers to “buck the system” where other Family Law practitioners will drag cases on until the parties are penniless. Mr. Kerr has always advocated timely, economically intelligent, and practical solutions to emotional and otherwise financially devastating, family law cases.

Mr. has also successfully handled appellate matters, and will do so on select cases.

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