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Trump – – – Oh boy !!!

Personally, over the last several months, I have been so much in shock,
that I thought for my own sanity I had to just leave the whole “Trump”
thing alone.

During the latter months of his campaign, *once he was managed to speak
exclusively on teleprompter*, I remember hearing Trump say, over and over,
that the election of Clinton would present this country and our democracy
with “an existential crisis.” I am fairly certain that he did not know
(and still does not know) the meaning of most of those words, much less the

Regardless, in addition to making the world more dangerous by the day, and
in a horrible twist of irony, that is exactly what Trump’s “presidency” has
now done to our country and our democracy.

I came across the following article which does a pretty good job summing up
the situation. http://bit.ly/2rEHu61 Unfortunately, day after day,
there is so much more.

We cannot afford, not only as a country, but as a race of creatures
inhabiting this planet, to destroy the foundation of humanity and democracy
for the sating of the whims of any megalomaniac ruler.

Trump has embraced, and continually continues to praise and cozy up to
oppressive leaders and regimes, while simultaneously denigrating and
insulting our democratic allies around the world. With the daily
revelation of outrages and transgressions, it is all too easy for the
electorate to feel that “chaos” is just “normal.” This is dangerous. We
must fight against becoming indifferent and accepting all of this scandal
as commonplace. It is not just our country, but the entire way of life
for those who embrace peace and justice over tyranny and oppression.

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