Construction Defects

Mr. King has handled construction defect cases for hundreds of properties of all sizes, including Multiple-Dwelling Residences (up to hundreds of units within the context of a single homeowners association), Commercial and Office Buildings, and Single Family Residences.

Modern construction codes and standards are frequently not adhered to or simply ignored by builders and developers. These failures can result in problems involving design, construction quality, materials, and engineering. Construction problems can often be addressed whether discovered during the construction process or discovered years later, as the compromised elements begin to fail.

Mr. King has coordinated the investigation, evaluation, and where necessary, the litigation of these claims for hundreds of buildings on behalf of individual homeowners, homeowner and community associations, and commercial property owners. Mr. King works with a vast array of experts and forensic specialists in order to place his clients in the best possible position to successfully resolve their concerns.

Mr. King also partners with construction contractors, tradesmen, and materialists to resolve claims of construction defects against their businesses, working to minimize the impact of lawsuits on construction professionals and their businesses. Swift resolution, effective strategy, and a dedication to using the most cost-effective methods for each client results in satisfactory outcomes, with a minimum impact on your business.

Construction defects include a wide range of complaints, and Mr. King has dealt with a wide range of them. Some of the cases he has worked on included concerns about:

  • The Building Envelope (air and water leaks/ intrusion)
  • Water Intrusion, Water Damage, and Flooding
  • Grading and Soils Issues
  • Structural Integrity Issues
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing issues
  • Designer Liability
  • Mold and other Environmental Concerns
  • Opposition of Anti-Mansionization Ordinances

These types of cases almost universally require interfacing with the proper experts in order to properly present your case. Working with such a team of experts, Mr. King has obtained very substantial settlements and awards for his clients, and has, where appropriate, successfully protected the rights of builders and developers. Having worked with both construction professionals and building owners has provided insight into the claims and defenses of both sides in a dispute.

If you are dealing with construction defects and are in need of legal counsel, contact our office to make an appointment for a confidential legal consultation today.

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