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Businesses can only exist and thrive by making agreements and contracts with suppliers, competitors, employees, and anyone else involved in their operation. If a disagreement arises, or if language in the agreement is unclear, or a party violates the requirements established in a legally binding contract, it is important to take decisive action.

In many cases, the first step in rectifying a breach of contract is notifying the other party of the violation. Whether this notification serves to correct the issue or not, providing notice is an important step in protecting your legal rights.

If the breach is not rectified to your satisfaction by the other party, one must weigh whether legal action should be taken. There are usually many factors which should be analyzed and considered before a knee-jerk reaction of filing a lawsuit. Moreover, there is rarely a court case in which one can predict the outcome with absolute certainty.

Mr. King can explain what parts of your contract are likely to be enforceable, how to prove a breach of contract, and in what situations you can obtain an award of damages. It takes careful preparation to prove your contract is enforceable, and that you are entitled to damages under state or federal law. Careful preparation of your case must be made in order to ensure that all elements of a valid claim are met, as well as to take into account all available defenses to a contract. Whichever side of a contract dispute you may find yourself on, one must be careful to be properly represented in order to protect against arguments of misrepresentation, coercion, or other misconduct. The goal of any contract dispute is to help our clients successfully obtain what they agreed upon. Careful factual and legal analyses, as well as the proper legal steps must be made in order to fully protect your interests.

Mr. King’s thorough understanding of contracts, clauses, and provisions is brought into play, matched with decades of experience in obtaining successful results in litigated, arbitrated, and negotiated contract claims.

Whether the contract was implied, stated, or written, Mr. King can help protect you if the terms are violated. To learn more, contact his office today to make an appointment for your free confidential consultation today.

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