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With the increase in regulation and enforcement set forth by State and Federal regulations, the need for robust integrated corporate compliance strategies grows more imperative for organizations of any size. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for crafting a compliance program, a keen understanding of key components of successful plans is necessary to creating one of your own.

Mr. King’s experience in creating and advising on corporate compliance programs helps businesses ensure their plan is at its most effective. He helps businesses craft a formal series of policies, procedures, and actions to prevent violations of laws and regulations. He works to create an integrated program that incorporates a company’s code-of-conduct, ethical values and plan of action into a single, centralized effort.

Corporate compliance takes a proactive approach to potential problems rather than a reactionary one, aiming to resolve them before they occur. Mr. King assists in crafting straightforward and cohesive strategies focused on meeting both legal requirements and company goals. For companies with established programs, his skills extend to refining and improving these guidelines to better meet requirements. This allows the company to continue moving forward with their goals while aligning it with the United States Sentencing Commission and other legislative requirements.

The Affordable Care Act and increasing consumer financial protections are two of the most recently highlighted reasons for keeping a corporate compliance program up-to-date and constantly reevaluating its effectiveness. Seeking legal counsel from Mr. King significantly eases the burden, relieving your corporation or company of the need to research legal requirements, past violations by competitors, and other complex but pertinent details. His extensive knowledge and proven track record in business law even against the most overwhelming odds gives him the insight to provide you with objective insight and guidance to create and refine the most effective corporate governance plan.

Give your company’s policies and procedures the backing of over three decades of legal experience. Contact Mr. King today to make an appointment for your free confidential consultation.

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